• Monday 10am - 12.30pm. 9 weeks, 2nd May - 4th July. Digby Hall, Hound St. DT9 3AA

    In this course, you will explore the versatility of collage and the elegance achievable when making a monochrome image.

    Delighting in textures and mark making, you will create images based on a variety of subjects including still life, landscape, versions of old masters, imagination, abstract.

  • Course Full
    Wednesday 1.30 - 4pm. 9 weeks, 4th May - 6th July. Digby Hall, Hound St. DT9 3AA

    The summer term will focus on developing your own pictures, whilst learning about how oil paint works, and how to develop your own process to create satisfying images. This course covers all the basics to get to grips with this versatile and rewarding medium.

  • Friday 1.30 - 4pm. 8 weeks. 6th May - 1st July (price is for 5 weeks, commencing 27th May) Digby Hall, Hound St. DT9 3AA

    Life drawing is a stimulating way to improve your drawing skills, wherever you are in your drawing practice, and is suitable for even the enthusiastic beginner. This 8 week course will allow you to work from models with a variety of approaches, and continue to develop a personal drawing repertoire.

    The summer term will focus on colour and the figure.
  • Course Full
    Wednesday 10am - 12.30pm. 9 weeks, 4th May - 6th July Digby Hall, Hound St. DT9 3AA

    Continue your oil painting practice in a friendly environment with other keen artists. In addition to help and advice with techniques and practical skills, James will bring projects focused on individual aspects of the oil painting process, encouraging experimentation and discovery.

  • Tursday 10 - 12.30. 8 weeks, 12th May - 7th July. Digby Hall, Hound St. DT9 3AA

    Accomplished pastel artist Richard will take you through the materials, techniques and processes you need to understand and enjoy this delightful medium.


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